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Junior High Electives

Immanuel Junior High School offers a strong array of electives to support students as they explore and develop their unique God-given talents and interests.  While students are able to enjoy these courses for personal growth, each of these electives provides a strong foundation on which to build in the future, whether in pursuit of related high school courses or serving others.


Electives Offered for Junior High

Art students will learn the basics of art from idea-generating to completion. Students will create projects in different media with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship. Students will also learn the vocabulary, equipment, and techniques used in art.

Junior High Choir performs during the annual All is Well Christmas Concert, the K-12 Christmas Chapel, Open House/Spring Celebration and the Sounds of Praise Spring Concert. Students develop musical skills and confidence through group singing and collaboration opportunities with the High School Choir throughout the year.

Digital Journalism:
In digital journalism, students learn about the history of journalism and the laws of free press in our country. They develop practical and professional skills in digital writing, interviews, podcast development, website curation, and media layout. Every 9.5 weeks, our class publishes a website of their own creation that showcases their reports, podcasts, videocasts, articles, and stories.

Drama is for students wanting to gain confidence and develop their craft on and off the stage in a safe, supportive environment. Acting Techniques, Staging, Theatre Games, Improvisation, Group Scenes and Character Development are explored throughout the year, culminating in the production of a Spring Play.

Home Economics:
This class is designed to be an introduction to cooking and sewing. We focus on hands on learning, spending 1 class a week on instruction, and the other class periods are spent in the labs cooking or working on sewing projects. The goal of this class is to teach basics so students can feel confident and comfortable to continue learning these skills on their own.

Industrial Arts (Wood Shop):
Industrial Arts is an elective that introduces students to fundamental woodworking practices. Students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience through multiple projects, lessons, and vocabulary. Students are required to learn fire and shop safety as they prepare to use hand tools, power tools, and woodworking machinery.

Introduction to Agriculture (8th Grade):
Where would you be without agriculture? Each and every morning you wake up, the agriculture industry becomes part of your daily life. From the clothes you wear to the food you eat. Learn more about agriculture and the industry that surrounds you through the Intro to Agriculture class. In this course, students will explore FFA, Supervised Agricultural Experiences, and hands-on agricultural learnings through plant science, animal science, California agriculture, mechanics, and more!

PASS (Personalized Academic Student Support):
The PASS elective provides additional support to students who need assistance in building reading, math, language, thinking, organizational, and studying skills. The class is also used to assist students with the completion of assignments, projects, tests, etc. from their core classes.

The video class focuses on the creation of short video projects utilizing the IPad, with its numerous Apps that facilitate students’ creativity as they record, edit, and present their projects to the class.

Students are the creators and editors of the IJHS yearbook as they take digital photographs with the IPad or cell phones, gather and edit images,  and create the pages using the online yearbook creation publisher called Entourage. The end result is a quality yearbook that is student-centered, student-edited and student, and advisor-approved.

Brad Krause
Junior High Principal