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Immanuel Junior High Core Subjects

The Math Department at Immanuel Junior High seeks to equip students with abstract reasoning skills and give students a lens for viewing mathematics as a connected, creative discipline.

Special Projects & Activities:
Students set up and solved a system of equations in order to determine the weight and caloric content of both the wafer and the cream in an Oreo cookie… Many cookies were eaten in the process!

Students were challenged to think deeply about the idea of Algebra as a way to describe pattern growth and generalize. Students viewed a 10x10 grid and were tasked with determining the number of border squares in the grid, without counting them individually!

Students will explore the sciences as they grow in both faith and critical thinking skills. Through age-appropriate labs and activities, students will expand their horizons as we explore Creation through the lens of Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences. Through their time in middle school, students will learn valuable skills such as making observations and collecting data, evaluating evidence, supporting claims, explaining reasoning, analyze models to prepare them for high school and beyond.

Special Projects & Activities:
- Naturalist Notebook
- Comparative Organ Dissection
- Cell Model Construction
- Rube Goldberg Devices
- Aerodynamics Lab
- Circuit Simulators

The English Department strives to model the skills necessary to have a command of the English language. Language skills will be valuable for students in their future studies, their work-life, and opportunities to share their faith. All courses guide students into becoming active readers, thoughtful writers, and critical thinkers. The experiences students have with reading, writing, questioning, and considering will contribute to the development and articulation of a Christian Worldview.

Special Projects & Activities:
7th grade:
- Novel studies (Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Allegory, Narrative Poetry, Biographies)
- Essay Writing (formal, persuasive, research, and autobiographical)
- Poetry/Creative Writing
- Analysis and response to fiction and non-fiction texts and resources
- Socratic Seminar Discussions

8th grade: 
- Novel studies (dystopian, transformation, American historical fiction, Good vs. Evil)
- Essay writing
- Persuasive speeches
- Analysis and response to non-fiction texts and resources
- Letter writing (produce letter that is taken to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.)

Students will grow in their faith while studying the past. They will be analyzing world religions and comparing Islam, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism to Christianity. They will analyze the influence that God had on our founding fathers. The 8th grade concludes with a trip to the east coast. On this trip, students will have time to reflect on the impact that God has on their daily lives and the lives of people throughout the history of our country.

Special Projects & Activities:
7th grade:
- Ancient Rome Newscast
- African Folktale Assignment - students will understand the morals and ethics that these tales taught the people of ancient Africa
- Ancient Chinese Travel Brochure
- Medieval Castle Project

8th grade:
- Revolutionary War Movie Trailer Assignment
- Constitution Test
- Lewis and Clark Letter Assignment
- American History Project
- Cross-curricular assignment with English and Bible Department
- East Coast Trip