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Immanuel Junior High spiritual Life
Immanuel Junior High School students are given the opportunity to grow and mature spiritually through: Bible classes and instruction, devotions and prayer, practical Biblical life applications, open discussions, relevant Chapel services, and a safe environment where students are supervised by teachers eager to demonstrate the love of Christ.  Twice a year we participate in Spiritual Emphasis Week when we invite a special guest speaker to speak into the lives of the students for a week straight. Our students also engage in the bi-weekly meetings of Life Groups that allow them to strengthen their Christian fellowship and promote service opportunities to give back to the community, local churches, and/or local ministries.


Two Chapels a week allows Junior High students to engage in meaningful worship and hear inspiring and practical messages in a joint chapel with the High School. Periodically, the speaker's messages are based around our theme for the year or around specific topics but delivered in relevant and thought provoking ways to challenge our students and meet them where they are in their spiritual development. Additionally, once a semester students experience Spiritual Emphasis Week as four Chapels in a week give students a unique experience to focus on a specific series from the Word from a guest speaker.
Special Projects/Activities:
* Spring Spiritual Emphasis Week concludes where students are asked to publicly respond to what God has been moving in their lives
* Junior Highers participate in an intimate, Teacher and student lead time of reflection and spiritual response.


7th Grade Bible classes proceed through the year learning Bible Facts and how to study the Bible utilizing relevant digital resources, and implementing those skills in the extensive study of the Tabernacle in the Old Testament. 8th Grade Bible classes are following the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant as the people of Israel are occupying the Promised Land in the books of Joshua and Judges, discovering God’s faithfulness to His people by His miraculous intervention, by the raising up of individuals of faith to do extraordinary acts of faith to further His plan and purpose. The subject matter of these two classes are strategic as they explain why God desires a relationship with us and why worship is important to that relationship, the need for our sins to be forgiven, God’s faithfulness through His covenant, and what man may capable of when God is ignored and forgotten.
Special Projects/Activities: 
* Explanation and review of God’s covenant with man
* 8 week read-through of the book of Exodus
* Extensive project researching the Tabernacle
* Project discovering how God worked in the life of Rahab in Joshua
* Comparative study of the individual Judges and their personal characteristics

Service Days

During the year, Service Days are scheduled where students get the chance to work together on projects that are designed to be a team-building and geared towards serving either the local or surrounding communities or a Christian organization to help further their work. The goal is selfless service, cooperation, teamwork, and exposure to ministry opportunities that they can get involved in.
Special Projects/Activities:
* Fun team-building activities
* Service Days (AKA Serve-the-Community Day)
* Free Community Car Washes

Daily Devotions

Each day, the Junior High teachers are encouraged to lead their students in a daily devotional, a moment to focus on the Lord Jesus Christ, with the desire to make the Word of God continually relevant to the students. Following devotions, students participate in a time of prayer for each other as they make their request known to God.
Special Projects/Activities:
* Continuing series through Proverbs in months with 31 days
* Following the devotional messages provided in the bulletin
* Meaningful prayer times with students to begin the morning
* See You at the Pole
* National Day of Prayer