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Letter from the Superintendent

Welcome to Immanuel Schools where our mission is, “to equip students to serve God and neighbor, through mind, body and soul, based on a Christ-centered foundation.” At Immanuel, we have the amazing opportunity to share God’s Word each day through morning devotions, Bible class, chapel, and relationships. We have the great privilege of being part of our student’s lives and watching them be transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit.

Our theme for the 2023-24 school year is “God is Faithful”. It is based on Psalm 36:5 which reads, “Your steadfast love, O LORD, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.” As I enter my 29th year working for Immanuel, I have seen firsthand the faithfulness of God. I have had the opportunity to see many young hearts turn toward the Lord and give their lives to Christ; some during their time here on our campus and others years after graduation. The joy of salvation never gets old. It is a continual blessing to see our faculty and staff pour into the hearts of our students, comforting them in loss, giving them hope in hard times and always pointing them to Jesus.

Most recently, Immanuel has seen God’s faithfulness by keeping us open during covid, meeting the financial demands of a growing school, bringing new staff members to accommodate the growth, and calling students to Himself through the ministry on our campus.

We are thankful for these and many other opportunities to live out our faith at Immanuel. As the pressure grows to conform to a rapidly changing world, we continually see the importance of a Christian education. We look forward to partnering with our families to make this a wonderful school year and to be reminded daily that “God is Faithful.”


"Our two children are fairly new to Immanuel Schools. We were overwhelmed with joy in just how welcomed our family was, and the genuine hospitality in helping them settle in. I’m sure I speak for many parents of the public educational world when I express how daunting and scary it is to move your children to another school, without “knowing” one hundred percent if your decision is truly the “right” one. With prayer and opening our hearts to whatever God’s will may be, we made the decision and have had no regrets. It’s refreshingly beautiful to see God being spoken about amongst the students/staff. As a parent, in an unprecedented time where our world is suffering, it’s seeing the small hands folded, heads bowed and hearing your child and their classmates pray for one another and their families with no dismay. Out in the open. This is our hope! These children are the future and it’s schools such as Immanuel that are willing and able to hold onto the truth of God and offering that in a day-to-day routine."

Ryan Wood