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The mission statement of Immanuel Schools is to equip students to serve God and neighbor using their mind, body, and soul. This mission statement of Immanuel Athletics is to encourage our athletes, coaches, and fans to model Christ-like behavior while producing competitive, committed, and courageous teams. Immanuel Athletics will strive to do everything as if they were doing it for the Lord (Colossians 3:23).

Immanuel Schools is a Christian school that provides a Biblically based education. The school’s athletic teams are to be witnesses of the Gospel to all spectators, opposing players, officials and each other. The teams will do this through their attitudes, competitiveness, actions, and words. Each athlete should learn how to glorify Jesus Christ no matter what the situation is on and off the sports venue. One of the main goals of every team is to win, but at Immanuel, it is realized that playing hard and representing the Lord is more important than the end result, whether it be a loss or victory. Winning is a byproduct of playing with integrity, class, and hustle. Immanuel Athletics communicates clearly to everyone involved with the athletics program, “If anyone competes in athletics, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules (II Timothy 2:5).”

Our coaches have been instructed to use the lower levels of their programs as training grounds for the varsity team. The athletes on the lower level teams should be given a reasonable opportunity to experience the sport through competition and practices. At the varsity level, our goal is to be as successful as we can. Our coaches therefore have the final say when it comes to playing time, positioning, and strategies used.

Immanuel Junior High has the following interscholastic sports:
● August-October:  boys flag football, girls volleyball, co-ed cross country
● October-December:  soccer (boys and girls)
● January-March:  basketball (boys and girls)
● March-May:  baseball, softball, co-ed track and field