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Technology in the classroom is imperative to learning: It naturally appeals to all learning styles, encourages collaboration amongst students, enhances material being taught, and boosts motivation to learn. This generation of learners is extremely familiar with many forms of technology. That being said, while on-campus digital resources need no introduction, they do still require guidance and instruction to train up young learners to responsibly use these tools. This is where the K-6th grade Tech Instructor has an exciting opportunity to teach students new tech skills that will enhance their learning in the classroom, support ideas and concepts through integrated technology and subject-matter lessons, and work with each teacher to provide a digital platform that is perfectly suited for the needs of individual learners. We believe that equipping our students with current digital skills while providing a safe environment to practice those skills is what will allow them to successfully use technology for good in the future.

  • Students are introduced to the idea of keyboarding (K-1st)
  • Students have technology push-in to support keyboarding practice (2nd-6th)
  • Classes model how to properly use and handle Chromebooks and iPads (Kindergarten)
  • Students learn the importance of Internet Safety (K-6th)
  • Students practice how to become good Digital Citizens (K-6th)
  • Students build fluency in creating content using the Google Suite (K-6th)
  • Homerooms integrate technology skills with relevant subject matter (4th-6th)
  • Groups collaborate and share ideas through the use of Chromebook/iPads
  • Students adopt technology skills and use that knowledge to enhance their learning of all subjects (K-6th)