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After School Clubs:

Our goal is to offer meaningful growth opportunities for our students in addition to academics. Clubs and activities such as Chess Club, Science Club, Drama Club, Garden Club, E-Worship, Poetry & Prose, Art Contests, Writing Contests, and the Spelling Bee will be explained through our monthly newsletter or special notes. Please encourage your student to participate.

Student Council elections are held in September of each school year and elected positions are served for the entirety of the school year. Students in 4th - 6th grade may choose to run for an officer position. Positions include: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, safety monitor, and classroom representative. Students must be in good standing both academically and behaviorally throughout their

Elementary Athletics:

Immanuel students have the chance to participate in several athletic teams at IES.  These early sports provide a founation for competitive training and future athletic success. Some of the opportunities are offered directly through Immanuel to our students only.  Others are organized through city leagues, and many time are coached by Immanuel parents.