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Elementary Spiritual Life

The Elementary staff spends the beginning of each day with their students focusing on Christ through daily devotions and classroom discussions. Chapels often engage specific Bible characters and teach the whole student body about how to follow God faithfully through the examples provided. 


In order to present school chapels and assembly programs which exemplify the highest standards of conduct and moral and spiritual values, it shall be the responsibility of the school administration and the certificated staff to provide programs which have been adequately prepared and directed so that a meaningful value can be experienced. At the heart of a Christian school's spiritual life is the importance of meaningful chapels. 

Every Friday afternoon, our elementary students assemble in our chapel to spend time worshipping the Lord, followed by a message from a speaker in our community.  The speakers often are local pastors or Immanuel staff members, they use biblical videos, exercises, demonstrations, skits, etc. to teach from the Word. Once a year, each grade level gets the privilege of running an entire chapel, start to finish. 

Families are welcomed and encouraged to join us on Fridays. Most times Chapel will be at 1:15 for K-3rd and 2:00 for 4th-6th. However, some Chapels will be “All School”. Please refer to the school events calendar or weekly updates from teachers and administrators to confirm Chapel times from week to week. 

Classroom Bible & Devotions:

In the classroom, teachers guide students through various books of the Bible and dive into character studies as biblical examples of following God. As the grade levels progress, students are expected to memorize the books of the Bible and become familiar with the stories of God's people, in additional to weekly focus verses for study and discussion. 

During devotions, teachers use a variety of methods to engage students with scriptural application. Classes may brainstorm, reflect on, and listen to ways to move their biblical learning to their everyday lives. The entire staff expects and encourages students to behave in a Christ-like way, and upholds the same expectations in the Respect Agreement that each class writes together when school starts.