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Performing Arts

Immanuel Performing Arts offers a dynamic arts education, encompassing five Choral Music ensembles, two Drama classes, Video/Film Making and Worship Fundamentals. The department produces five main-stage productions each year, including two musicals and three plays, as well as several performances for special school events, seasonal concerts, tours and leading worship twice-weekly in Chapel.

Immanuel Performing Arts incorporates nearly 50% of the student body, including students concurrently involved in athletics, student leadership, FFA and other activities. Many graduates of Immanuel Performing Arts have gone on to become Worship Leaders, Music Teachers, Actors and Production Technicians.

Immanuel’s elite performance ensemble, the internationally-award winning Chamber Singers, have earned consecutive 1st-place awards at competitions in California, Vancouver, B.C., New York and London, and have toured England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Italy.

Chamber Singers is for advanced level students with a high degree of skill and commitment towards their musical development.

Concert Choir is an auditioned group for intermediate singers in grades 10-12 who wish to continue their choral development from earlier musical training.

Men’s & Women’s Choirs are open enrollment groups, with no audition required for admission, and are designed for entry-level singers who are new to the choral music experience. Musical literature selections for all choirs cover a wide span, from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical periods, to Gospel, Contemporary Worship and Musical Theatre. Performances include several Immanuel events, Seasonal Concerts, Musical Theatre productions and a Spring Ministry Tour to Southern or Northern California.

The primary objective for Worship Fundamentals is to provide the students with the opportunity to learn the "How" and "Why" of worship, in the context of serving the Student Body and greater community through worship and service. The students will learn many new musical and technical skills and will study Old & New Testament worship, The Heart of Worship, Worship vs. Performance and Scriptural Influences in Worship.

Video/Film-making is designed for entry-level technology minded students. Instruction is focused on capturing everyday activities, arts and athletics with the intent of producing highlight videos, as well as Studio Film instruction during the bi-weekly chapels. Experiences will range from using student iPads, studio cameras and video editing software in the computer lab to produce commercials, PSA’s, Highlight Reels, Trailers, Short Films and more.

Drama is geared towards students who are interested in developing theatrical skill, on and off the stage. Students will participate in two plays annually, one each semester, as well as "crew" the two musical theatre productions. The class focus covers: Acting For An Audience, Monologues, Character Development, Scene Study, Scoring A Script, Improvisational Play, Theatre Anatomy, Scenic Design and more.