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Why Immanuel Schools Needs Your Support:

As a private Christian school system, Immanuel Schools operates without financial support from local, state, or federal tax revenue. The school system relies solely on tuition income, endowment income, and charitable gifts to sustain an environment dedicated to forming young people of faith, integrity, and high academic scholarship.

The culture of Immanuel Schools strives to be an expression of community. As a school system rooted in the Mennonite Brethren tradition, Immanuel Schools exists to equip students to serve God and neighbor with body, soul, and mind based on a Christ-centered foundation. This is achieved in partnership with faculty, parents, alumni, and friends. It compels us to do so with excellence. Alumni, parents, and friends are encouraged to support this community through their prayers, financial giving, volunteered time, and professional expertise. Each of these means of support is valued and deeply appreciated.



Parent Testimonial:
"Immanuel Schools has changed our lives as a family unit all together. I can go to work knowing my child is cared for, being taught and embracing Christ with educators who truly go above and beyond."

Parent Testimonial:
"I really feel the staff displays the love of Christ around campus, their willingness to be a part of the kids lives, the staffs overall interaction with the kids, and their dedication to the academics are truly amazing!"

Parent Testimonial:
"I am so grateful that I get to send her to Immanuel everyday. The scholarship and generous donation of a friend make it possible for her to attend. She continues to grow and share what God has done in her life."